Assistance and storage

Maintenance and mooring in Olbia

Zamamare Yacht offers rental services, land and sea maintenance, and mechanical maintenance. We are an official dealer and maintainer of Castoldi Jet Tender, Seabob and Yamaha. We offer maintenance and sales for all types of jet tender, watercraft and water sports.

Maintenance for inflatables

At-Sea Assistance, Mechanical Assistance, 24h support, Washing and Maintenance, Refueling Bar and Galley, Fuel Supply.

Yacht Maintenance

Sea Service Interventions, 24 Hour Service, Refueling Bar and Galley, Fuel Supply.

Mechanical Maintenance

Restoration or replacement of engines and electrical components.

Winter storage 

The customer has a specially equipped and guarded area for the storage of watercraft. Staff are available to carry out any maintenance that may be necessary. The storage service is offered during winter time or generally any period of time when boats are grounded for the medium or long term.

Covered parking 

Parking in covered shipyard.

Outdoor parking 

Parking at closed ramp.


Pick-up and delivery of the boat for winter break.


Complete wash inside and out.

Means of transport

Sea and land transportation to and from Mediterranean islands.

Winter maintenance

Electro-mechanical and hull work.

Chrome: NEW!

American cold chroming technology: ensures material stability, reducing in cost and time. Cold chrome plating can be done on all types of materials and in different colors. Can be used for decorations or structures in houses, yachts, cars, motorcycles and all other vehicles.

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